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Novak Electronics 3450 MOTORE MONGOOSE 8.5 BRUSHLESS For RC Model Car

Novak Electronics 3450 MOTORE MONGOOSE 8.5 BRUSHLESS For RC Model CarProducentNovak Electronics
ProduktkodeNovak Electronics 3450

Novak Electronics 3450 MOTORE MONGOOSE 8.5 BRUSHLESS For RC Model Car

kategoriHem > Rc Biler > Motorer
Dato tilføjet31/01/2012
TilgængelighedNot available
Salgspris (inkl. moms)€ 45.00

Novak Electronics 3450 MOTORE MONGOOSE 8.5 BRUSHLESS For RC Model Car

Novak's Three-80 Micro Pro Brushless Motors (#3450-#3452, #S3454) are the first sensor-based brushless motor specifically designed for 1/18 and 1/16-scale cars. Because it is sensored and lightweight, it gives these micro scale cars the ability to maneuver at high speeds in extremely tight spaces, all with unsurpassed low speed and braking control. The Three-80 Brushless Motors are perfectly matched with Novak'sMongoose Micro Brushless/Brush ESC to maximize performance and handle with the agility and speed of a mongoose.

For Three-80 motor-turn recommendations

For more information on the Three-80 Micro Pro Brushless Motors and other Novak motors, check out Novak’s Motor Spec Chart.

Like the popular Novak Velociti brushless motors, the Three-80 Micro Pro motors feature a sensor commutation design. Knowledge of rotor position is key to smooth performance and is just as important in micro vehicles as in larger-scale vehicles. When the speed control always knows the rotor position, there is no hesitation before acceleration under load. The motor will provide excellent low-speed driveability, excellent starting torque, smooth braking and no uncontrolled bursts of power. Other motor features include a high-strength, sintered Neodymium rotor for maximum motor acceleration, an oversized front bearing for increased load handling and bearing life and a rugged 1/8” shaft diameter. Like all Novak brushless motors, the Three-80 Micro Pro motors are rebuildable.

All Novak brushless motors are designed by Novak in Irvine, Calif. Each motor is factory hand-wound and is put through rigorous testing, including a final dyno test to ensure that each motor meets Novak’s rigid specifications.

The Mongoose Micro Brushless/Brush ESC is a versatile, full-featured speed control specifically developed for micro applications. In addition to its compatibility with both brushless and brush motors, it instinctively knows via its Auto-Detect Brushed Mode when a brush motor is connected. Multiple throttle profiles are included for different driving styles, including a racing brushless profile for top-level forward performance and two profiles with reverse.


  • Three-80 Micro Pro Brushless Motor--8.5T is 8.5 turns and 9,000 Kv, and recommended for drivers looking for the fastest Novak sensor-based micro brushless system. (#3450). Motor is no longer available.
  • Three-80 Micro Pro Brushless Motor--10.5T is 10.5 turns and 7,300 Kv, and recommended for racers looking for a system that offers a great balance between power and runtime.(#3451)
  • Three-80 Micro Pro Brushless Motor--13.5T is 13.5 turns and 6,000 Kv, and recommended for users looking for power and long runtimes. (#3452)
  • The Three-80 Micro Pro Brushless Motor -- 18.5T is 18.5 turns and 4,400 Kv. It is designed for general use. Novak offers the Mongoose Crawler Micro Brushless System -- 18.5T (#3055) for crawling applications.

Novak Electronics 3450 MOTORE MONGOOSE 8.5 BRUSHLESS For RC Model Car
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