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Novak Electronics 1709 GTB 2 Sportsman Brushless Racing ESC For RC Model Car

Novak Electronics 1709 GTB 2 Sportsman Brushless Racing ESC For RC Model CarProducentNovak Electronics
ProduktkodeNovak Electronics 1709

Novak Electronics 1709 GTB 2 Sportsman Brushless Racing ESC For RC Model Car

kategoriHem > Rc Biler > Speed Controllers
Dato tilføjet31/01/2012
TilgængelighedNot available
Salgspris (inkl. moms)€ 105.00

Novak Electronics 1709 GTB 2 Sportsman Brushless Racing ESC For RC Model Car

The Ultimate Sportsman Speed Control!
The GTB 2 Sportsman Racing Brushless ESC (#1709) and (#1708/LP) is a speed control for the modern, entry-level racer. This GTB 2 now includes many new features including built-in protection in an effortless, clean, and technological design. The GTB 2 includes every feature a Sportsman class driver would want without timing adjustments or a PC interface. This ESC provides the industry with a spec speed controller, ensuring even competition among Sportsman Class racers.
The GTB 2 is also available with a low-profile heat sink as the GTB 2 Sportsman ESC - Low Profile Heat Sink (#1708)
The GTB has been a trusted speed control since 2005. This is why Novak has kept many of its signature features. The GTB 2 meets ROAR Sportsman Class guidelines and has a user-friendly One-Touch Programming Interface. Just like its predecessor, the GTB 2 has multiple adjustable parameters, including Minimum Brake and Drag Brake. It has Thermal Overload Protection, which detects when the speed control's temperature rises too high; it then drops the ESC's power so drivers can safely maneuver their vehicle off the track.
Novak's new speed control includes Built-In Voltage Cut-Off Circuitry, which monitors the vehicle's battery pack's voltage and prevents the batteries from going below the critical safety voltage level. It is sensor-based for excellent torque and low-speed drivability. The GTB 2 has an extremely low on-resistance for its price point. Customers can enjoy this ESC for the same low price as the original GTB (#1710)! The GTB 2 is clearly the highest performing ESC for Sportsman class racing at such a low cost!
The GTB 2 Sportsman Racing Brushless ESC would not be a Novak product if it wasn't upgraded with the latest features available. The GTB 2 features the patent-pending NovaBrakes™. This revolutionary braking system provides instantaneous braking under any condition. The brake response is smooth and immediate at any speed or throttle position, ridding the ESC of brake delay. This new braking system has completely transformed the feel, response and use of traditional brakes.
The Power Trans-Cap Module – 2S LiPo (#5678) is also included. This updated Trans-Cap Module is smaller and more compact than the previous Novak (#5679).
Not only does the GTB 2 come with excellent Default Programming, but it includes features such as Throttle Curve Selection (Linear/Expo), Brake Curve Selection (Linear/Expo), Adjustable Brake Frequency, Adjustable Brake End Point, and an Adjustable Drive Frequency. The GTB 2 also includes a selectable Motor Rotation and has an all new Cross-Cut ESC heat sink (#1709) for reduced weight and efficient cooling.
Included in the GTB 2's long list of features, Novak's temperature indicator that allows racers to check their ESC's temperature during or after each run also comes standard in this ESC. This indicator is so accurate that many racers use it in place of a temperature gun. A quick tap on the One Touch™ button will display the speed control's temperature via the on-board LEDs.
Additionally, Novak's Hall Sensor Test™ quickly verifies if the sensor harness and sensors in the motor are functioning properly without any risk to the ESC or motor. This Hall Sensor Test is an invaluable tool when troubleshooting at the race track. This feature works with all Novak motors.
One of the best qualities about the new GTB 2 Sportsman Racing Brushless ESC is its signature purpose as a Sportsman Class and Entry-Level ESC. It is perfect for the racer who wants a small, reliable and modern speed control without Boost, Timing Levels, Timing Set Point Adjustments or a PC Interface to alter its settings. Novak is pleased to release a speed control perfect for the rising popularity of Sportsman abd Spec Class Racing.
The GTB 2 is an all-purpose speed control for On-Road, Off-Road or Oval Racing, and is compatible with Novak's 540-size and 550-size sensored brushless motors. It's compact, small and light-weight design makes it perfect for many different vehicles of many shapes and sizes. The GTB 2 features a highly water resistant case with a silicone seal gasket and includes a cooling fan. It meets RoHs compliance and includes Novak's 120-Day Warranty.
Part Number #1708 / #1709 #1710
Approved for ROAR Sportsman Class Racing
User friendly One-Touch programming interface
Adjustable Minimum Brake
Adjustable Drag Brake
Throttle Curve Selection (Linear/Expo)
Brake Curve Selection (Linear/Expo)
Adjustable Brake Frequency (Linear/Expo)
Adjustable Brake End Point
Adjustable Drive Frequency (Brushless)
Selectable Motor Rotation
Cross-cut ESC heat sink for reduced weight and efficient cooling
NovaBrakes™ provide instantaneous braking under any condition
On-board Hall Sensor Test to easily and quickly verify that the motor's sensors are working properly
Built-in diagnostic temperature monitoring that lets you quickly check the ESC’s operating temperature at any time.
Thermal Overload Protection
Built-in Li-Po Battery Voltage Cut-Off
Sensor-based for excellent torque and low-speed driveability
Highly water-resistant case with silicone seal gasket
Radio Priority Circuity
Meets RoHS compliance and includes 120-Day Warranty
Designed, assembled and tested by Novak in Irvine, Calif., using globally sourced components
Motor Type: Sensored Brushless
Fwd/Brk/Rev: F / B / R
Input Cells: 1-2S LiPo/LiFe or 4-6 NiMH (7 cells NiMH for 8.5T/540 or higher)
ESC Size (#1709): 1.16" x 1.47" x 0.97" (29.5 x 37.3 x 24.6 mm)
ESC Size (#1708): 1.16” x 1.47” x 0.70" (29.5 x 37.3 x 17.8 mm)
Weight (w/o wires)(#1709): 1.29 oz. (36.6 g)
Weight (w/o wires)(#1708): 1.15 oz. (32.6 g)
On-Resistance: 0.00040 ohms @ 25°C trans. temp.
Motor Limit (#1709): 540-Size: 3.5T (8.5T on 7-cell NiMH); 550-Size: 4.5T
Motor Limit (#1708): 540-Size: 8.5T; 550-Size: 4.5T
BEC: 6.0 volts DC / 3.0 amps
Power Wire Size: 14G Super-Flex Copper-Strand Silicone Wire
Status LEDs: 5

Novak Electronics 1709 GTB 2 Sportsman Brushless Racing ESC For RC Model Car
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