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Kyosho 30522 EP 4WD TWINFORCE SPIRIT RC Model Car

Kyosho 30522 EP 4WD TWINFORCE SPIRIT RC Model CarProducentKyosho
ProduktkodeKyosho 30522

Kyosho 30522 EP 4WD TWINFORCE SPIRIT RC Model Car

kategoriHem > Rc Biler > Skala 1:8
Dato tilføjet10/03/2011
TilgængelighedNot available
Salgspris (inkl. moms)€ 375.00

Kyosho 30522 EP 4WD TWINFORCE SPIRIT RC Model Car

14.4V or raw power drives this twin-motor monster! Master the silent but awesome force of the SPIRIT!

Twin 7.2V battery packs produce high-voltage 14.4V power that is transferred through a special high-power amp to twin electric motors. The dual batteries and dual motors produce awesome power and torque to drive the massive tires of the famous Twin Force electric monster truck. The semimonocoque structure and ladder frame chassis with rigid front and rear axles reinforced in durable casing produces the running power to dominate just about any terrain. Now the original Twin Force has been turbo charged into the Twin Force Spirit! Carbon side frames have reduced structural weight and the uniform velocity joints of the center universal shaft are driven by twin X-SPEED 550 Evo motors for even more running power. For the rough road rumble to start, just throw the power switch ON for the amazing Twin Force Spirit to come to life!

  • Equipped with 3mm thick carbon side plates. Increases front to rear rigidity and results is about 100g of weight reduction and lower C of G.
  • Features Kyosho’s original high frequency speed control amp to handle the extra power from the twin batteries and twin motors.
  • Loaded with twin high-speed “X-SPEED 550 Evo” motors. Produces sharp acceleration and heart thumping top speeds. Lightweight precision aluminum pinion gear also delivers excellent response.
  • Center universal shafts use equalized speed joints. Results in smooth movement and reduces power loss through the drive train!
  • Produces 14.4V of running power the likes of which have never been seen before. Two directly connected 7.2V batteries are laid down the left and right sides of the chassis.
  • Equipped with two 550-class motors with built-in cooling fans and silicon steel board rings that confines the magnetic force.
  • Originally designed power train transfers power from the spur gear through the ladder chain to the shaft driven 4WD system.
  • Includes special electronic speed amp with reverse that can handle the 14.4V of power.
  • Fulltime 4WD system features bevel-geared diffs on front and rear plus a center one-way unit.
  • Slipper clutch included as standard feature.
  • Front and rear rigid axles with strong casings, suspension arms and differential gears are all pre-installed.
  • Full ball bearing specifications used throughout the drive train (total of 20 ball bearings).
  • Comes ready to rumble with wheelie bar and rollbar as standard.
  • Equipped with radio box that protects receiver etc. from dirt and small splashes of water.
  • Large capacity aeration-type oil shocks support all four wheels.
  • Directional pattern pneumatic tires with inner sponges grip the machine firmly to the ground.
Length 540mm
Width 415mm
Height 260mm
Ground Clearance 50mm
Wheelbase 315~326mm
Tread (F/R) 310mm
Tire(F/R) 160 x 100mm
Gear Ratio 22.98 : 1
Weight 4,400g (approx.)
Motor X SPEED 550 Evo with built-in cooling fan x 2

Kyosho 30522 EP 4WD TWINFORCE SPIRIT RC Model CarKyosho 30522 EP 4WD TWINFORCE SPIRIT RC Model CarKyosho 30522 EP 4WD TWINFORCE SPIRIT RC Model CarKyosho 30522 EP 4WD TWINFORCE SPIRIT RC Model Car
Kyosho 30522 EP 4WD TWINFORCE SPIRIT RC Model CarKyosho 30522 EP 4WD TWINFORCE SPIRIT RC Model Car


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