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Kyosho 20341 CALIBER 700EP w/MOTOR ,ESC RC Model Heli

Kyosho 20341 CALIBER 700EP w/MOTOR ,ESC RC Model HeliProducentKyosho
ProduktkodeKyosho 20341

Kyosho 20341 CALIBER 700EP w/MOTOR ,ESC RC Model Heli

kategoriHem > Rc Helikoptere > El
Dato tilføjet18/12/2012
TilgængelighedSufficientTilføj til kurven
Salgspris (inkl. moms)€ 330.00

Kyosho 20341 CALIBER 700EP w/MOTOR ,ESC RC Model Heli

Length: 1,110 mm Width: 210 mm Height: 390 mm Main Rotor size: 1,260 mm; rotation main rotor: right; Weight: 3500-3800 g; gear ratio: 12,5:1:5; Motor: Brushless
RC functions
Pitch, pitch, roll, tail rotor, engine, gyro sensitivity
With the Caliber 700 KYOSHO has now finally the long awaited Heli for electric compact car at the start! Here in the Caliber 700 is a completely new drive unit is used, which is home to the brushless motor and the controller in a big heat sink. So short cable connections and optimum heat dissipation are guaranteed to get the best performance from the model! Supplied, the drive is by means of two three cell LiPo packs that are housed in each case laterally to the mechanics. With this power concept, the Caliber 700 is an impressive scene and is an absolute eye-catcher at any airfield!
The mechanics of the Caliber 700 is a seamless continuation of the proven quality KYOSHO Helicopter series. Through the power transmission belt means the Caliber 700 offers incredible smoothness and performance. In general, the Caliber 700 is comfortable on the low noise in the air.
The mechanism consists of two side parts, which are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. The front part of the mechanism is made Bionical design and serves to receive the RC electronics and servos. Integrated into the mechanics, the CNC machined power unit, consisting of the aluminum heatsink, which houses the motor and controller. The cooling body has numerous fins, in order to guarantee optimal heat dissipation.
The power transmission takes place via a two-stage gear. In the first gear stage, the force is transmitted by a toothed belt. This provides a mechanical decoupling of the engine from the gearbox and thus guaranteeing an extremely quiet running gear. The power transmission to the tail rotor is also via a toothed belt which is guided in the rear tube. The system is designed for electronic swashplate mixing.
Another novelty in this class is the articulation of the Heckrotos in particular backlash push-pull linkage. The tail rotor servo is mounted below the rear tube and allows a particularly direct articulation of the tail rotor.
The rotor system is dextrorotatory. The articulation of the rotor head is raised and lowered via the swash plate. The coupling of the rotor head is right, so that all the linkages are free of play. The CNC-milled Rotor Head is made of aluminum and offers maximum concentricity. The one-piece blade holder are equipped with thrust bearings and have a metal profile for the blades to give a secure fit. The delivery of the model is without blades. We recommend the use of high-quality 570 mm fiberglass or carbon fiber sheets with a hole of 4.0 mm and a thickness of 14 mm sheet handle.
With the KYOSHO Caliber 700 provides an innovative alternative to existing competitor models in this class. The innovative drive solution is determined very quickly find imitators. Thus, you should decide NOW for the Caliber 700, to fly to the original pioneering spirit with a touch! Who can claim that he had ... the trendsetter before everyone else?
• Compact Electric Helicopter System for professional demands
• Innovative power unit with integrated brushless motor & controller
• Full aluminum swashplate with 120 ° linkage
• Electronic swashplate mixing
• front servo frame in innovative design Bionical
• Push-pull linkage for tail rotor
• Assembly of the tail rotor servo on the tail boom
• Two-speed gearbox
• Power transmission by toothed belt in the first gear stage
• Very generously sized clutch unit
• rotor head with continuous Blattlagerwelle
• Rotor Head from aluminum
• Smooth running of the system
• Power transmission to the rear rotor tooth belt
• Backlash-free coupling of the rotor head
• All gears and weight optimized concentricity corrected
• Supplied with brushless motor and all the small parts
• Multi-color decal sheet
Required accessories
• Heli-remote control system
• 3 performance servos
• Futaba GY-401 gyro with S9254 Servo
• Receiver battery 4.8V / 1,100 mAh
• 570 mm FunTech carbon fiber main rotor blades, No. CA-B001
• Team Orion Avionics LiPo battery 11.1 V/4.000mAh No. ORI60032
• X-Treme hype Charger X8, No. 082-6080
• rotor blade balance, order 80216

Kyosho 20341 CALIBER 700EP w/MOTOR ,ESC RC Model HeliKyosho 20341 CALIBER 700EP w/MOTOR ,ESC RC Model HeliKyosho 20341 CALIBER 700EP w/MOTOR ,ESC RC Model HeliKyosho 20341 CALIBER 700EP w/MOTOR ,ESC RC Model Heli
Kyosho 20341 CALIBER 700EP w/MOTOR ,ESC RC Model HeliKyosho 20341 CALIBER 700EP w/MOTOR ,ESC RC Model Heli


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