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Dragon 7303 Firefly Vc For plast model kits militærkøretøjer

Dragon 7303 Firefly Vc For plast model kits militærkøretøjerProducentDragon
ProduktkodeDragon 7303

Dragon 7303 Firefly Vc For plast model kits militærkøretøjer

kategoriHem > Plast Modeller Samlesæt > Militærkøretøjer > Skala 1:72
Dato tilføjet29/05/2011
TilgængelighedNot available
Salgspris (inkl. moms)€ 12.00

Dragon 7303 Firefly Vc For plast model kits militærkøretøjer

1/72 Firefly Vc

Based on the extensive research and development program initiated for the 1/35 scale kit, this smaller companion carries all the detail and accuracy of its bigger brother. Slide mold technology has been used to give maximum detail and parts separation. This kit reproduces the Vc version of the Sherman, which was the conversion based on the M4A4 Sherman hull. This Firefly Vc is spot on, with correct details like the hull machine gun position plated over. Get ready to strengthen your British tank fleet with this exciting new kit.

- new turret produced by slide molds
- slide-molded one-piece 17pdr gun barrel with hollow muzzle brake
- new rotor shield is reproduced accurately
- hollow MG muzzle thanks to slide molds
- radio box and storage bin are accurately reproduced
- upper hull is a new tooling with crisp details
- on-vehicles tools recreated in exquisite details
- lower hull is new with full hull bottom details
- new rear stowage box
- newly tooled rear panel with crisp detail
- new DS track
- photo-etched parts upgrading details
- Cartograf decal offer various markings

About the Firefly Vc:
In WWII the USA relied heavily on the Sherman tank, but importantly the U.S.-manufactured tank also filled out the ranks of British armored units. While it was a reliable armored vehicle, it had shortcomings in the areas of armor protection and in its main armament. The British therefore undertook a major development by arming the tank with its more powerful homegrown 17pdr gun in a version that came to be known as the Firefly. By February 1944, the Firefly program was given full priority so that there would be sufficient vehicles available for the D-Day invasion. The Firefly was really the only Allied tank in Normandy that could hope to take on Germany’s heavy Panthers and Tigers.

Dragon 7303 Firefly Vc For plast model kits militærkøretøjerDragon 7303 Firefly Vc For plast model kits militærkøretøjer


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