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Italeri - Plast Modeller Samlesæt - Skibe & Ubåde - Skala 1:35

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Italeri 5602 ELCO 80' PT-596 TORPEDO BOATProdukt

Italeri 5602 ELCO 80' PT-596 TORPEDO BOAT

ProduktkodeItaleri 5602Dato tilføjet20/05/2011
Beskrivelse During the Second World War the U.S. Navy deployed a large amount of three types of motor torpedo boats: the Higgins measuring 78 feet and ELCO measuring 77 and 80 feet. Every model could be distin...TilgængelighedLimited
Pris€ 70.00
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Italeri 5603 SCHNELLBOOT S-100Produkt

Italeri 5603 SCHNELLBOOT S-100

ProduktkodeItaleri 5603Dato tilføjet20/05/2011
Beskrivelse Among the various stipulations of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 was a severe limitation of German naval construction. Small craft were not covered by these stipulations and resulted in the devel...TilgængelighedLimited
Pris€ 105.00
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Italeri 5604 MTM "BARCHINO" (WITH 1 FIGURE)Produkt


ProduktkodeItaleri 5604Dato tilføjet20/05/2011
Beskrivelse The Modified Tourist Speedboat was devised between 1940 and 1942, perfecting the models that began to appear from 1936. The theoretical use foresaw the arrival close to the enemy fleet ...TilgængelighedNot available
Italeri 5605 SLC 200 "MAIALE"  (WITH 2 FIGURES)Produkt

Italeri 5605 SLC 200 "MAIALE" (WITH 2 FIGURES)

ProduktkodeItaleri 5605Dato tilføjet20/05/2011
Beskrivelse The Siluro a Lenta Corsa (Slow Moving Torpedo), better known as Maiale (Pig), was first developed in 1935 by Captains G.N. Toschi and Tesei. Code ...TilgængelighedNot available
Italeri 5608 M.A.S. 568 4aProdukt

Italeri 5608 M.A.S. 568 4a

ProduktkodeItaleri 5608Dato tilføjet20/05/2011
Beskrivelse Since First World War the Italian Regia Marina was deserved great attention to the development of small and rapid vessels generally armed with torpedoes. The moto torpedo boats, more known as MAS...TilgængelighedLimited
Pris€ 65.00
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Italeri 5609 Biber Midget SubmarineProdukt

Italeri 5609 Biber Midget Submarine

ProduktkodeItaleri 5609Dato tilføjet20/05/2011
Beskrivelse “Biber” was the most notorious “poket size” submarine deployed by the Kriegsmarine, German’s third Reich marine during the end of Second World War. The development of ...TilgængelighedLimited
Pris€ 21.00
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Italeri 5611 M.A.S. CREW and accessoriesProdukt

Italeri 5611 M.A.S. CREW and accessories

ProduktkodeItaleri 5611Dato tilføjet20/05/2011
Beskrivelse Code 5611 Scale 1 : 35 Box Size (mm) 290 X 190 X 45 ...TilgængelighedLimited
Pris€ 13.00
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Italeri 5613 Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109Produkt

Italeri 5613 Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109

ProduktkodeItaleri 5613Dato tilføjet17/05/2013
Beskrivelse 100% NEW MOULDS - PRM & PHOTO-ETCHED FRET INCLUDED PT boats were a torpedo-armed fast attack crafts used by the United States Navy, during the Second World War, especially in Sou...TilgængelighedLimited
Pris€ 70.00
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Italeri 5610 Vosper 72 " 6 MBT 77 PRM EDITIONProdukt

Italeri 5610 Vosper 72 " 6 MBT 77 PRM EDITION

ProduktkodeItaleri 5610Dato tilføjet18/07/2013
Beskrivelse Vosper selskab blev berømt under Anden Verdenskrig, til produktion af små og hurtige motorbåd torpedobåde (MTB) samt Motor...TilgængelighedSufficient
Pris€ 70.00
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Italeri 6436 LCM 3 50’ Landing CraftProdukt

Italeri 6436 LCM 3 50’ Landing Craft

ProduktkodeItaleri 6436Dato tilføjet28/02/2014
Beskrivelse Denne landgangsfartøjer blev brugt i udstrakt grad afamerikanske og britiske flåder under Anden Verdenskrig til at transportere hjulkøret...TilgængelighedSufficient
Pris€ 34.00
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