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Shop RC Models is an e-shop for Radio Controlled Models and RC parts. With 30,000 product codes from all over the world, our target and purpose is to present you the largest RC Models catalog in Europe at the lowest prices.

Among our pages you will find electric and petrol powered model cars, aircrafts, helicopters and boats. You will also find all spare and optional parts for each model.

RC Modelling is our hobby and we will do our best to offer you anything you will need with the best possible service.

The Shop RC Models Team

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Vallejo 70898 DARK SEA BLUE

Vallejo 70897 BRONCE GREEN


Vallejo  70898 DARK SEA BLUEVallejo  70897 BRONCE GREENVallejo  70896 GERMAN CAM. EXTRA DARK GREEN

Vallejo 70895 GUNSHIP GREEN

Vallejo 70894 RUSSIAN GREEN

Vallejo 70893 U.S. DARK GREEN

Vallejo  70895 GUNSHIP GREENVallejo  70894 RUSSIAN GREENVallejo  70893 U.S. DARK GREEN

Vallejo 70892 YELLOW OLIVE


Vallejo 70889 U.S.A. OLIVE DRAB

Vallejo  70892 YELLOW OLIVEVallejo  70891 INTERMEDIATE GREENVallejo  70889 U.S.A. OLIVE DRAB

Vallejo 70888 OLIVE GREY

Vallejo 70887 BROWN VIOLET

Vallejo 70886 GREEN GREY

Vallejo  70888 OLIVE GREYVallejo  70887 BROWN VIOLETVallejo  70886 GREEN GREY

Vallejo 70885 PASTEL GREEN

Vallejo 70884 STONE GREY

Vallejo 70883 SILVERGREY

Vallejo  70885 PASTEL GREENVallejo  70884 STONE GREYVallejo  70883 SILVERGREY

Vallejo 70882 MIDDLESTONE

Vallejo 70881 YELLOW GREEN

Vallejo 70880 KHAKI GREY

Vallejo  70882 MIDDLESTONEVallejo  70881 YELLOW GREENVallejo  70880 KHAKI GREY

Vallejo 70879 GREEN BROWN

Vallejo 70877 GOLDBROWN

Vallejo 70876 BROWN SAND

Vallejo  70879 GREEN BROWNVallejo  70877 GOLDBROWNVallejo  70876 BROWN SAND

Vallejo 70875 BEIGE BROWN

Vallejo 70874 U.S.A. TAN-EARTH

Vallejo 70873 US FIELD DRAB

Vallejo  70875 BEIGE BROWNVallejo  70874 U.S.A. TAN-EARTHVallejo  70873 US FIELD DRAB

Vallejo 70870 MEDIUM SEA GREY

Vallejo 70869 BASALT GREY

Vallejo 70868 DARK SEAGREEN

Vallejo  70870 MEDIUM SEA GREYVallejo  70869 BASALT GREYVallejo  70868 DARK SEAGREEN

Vallejo 70867 DARK BLUEGREY

Vallejo 70866 GREY GREEN

Vallejo 70862 BLACK GREY

Vallejo  70867 DARK BLUEGREYVallejo  70866 GREY GREENVallejo  70862 BLACK GREY

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